When Can a Car Mechanic be considered at-fault for a Car Accident?

The Miami Car Accident Lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm, understand that a car mechanic can be considered at-fault for a car accident under certain circumstances where negligence or improper service directly leads to the incident. Here are some scenarios where a mechanic might be held liable:

  • Improper Repairs: If a mechanic performs repairs incorrectly, such as faulty brake repairs, which then lead to an accident, they can be held responsible. This includes not following manufacturer guidelines or failing to properly fix a reported issue.
  • Failure to Identify and Fix Problems: When a mechanic fails to identify and address obvious safety issues during an inspection or routine maintenance, and those issues cause an accident, they could be deemed at-fault.
  • Use of Defective or Incorrect Parts: Installing incorrect, substandard, or defective parts that subsequently cause a vehicle malfunction and lead to an accident can result in the mechanic being held liable.
  • Negligent Workmanship: General negligence in performing services, such as leaving tools or parts unsecured in the vehicle, improper installations, or failing to secure components properly, can lead to accidents for which the mechanic can be blamed.
  • Failure to Inform the Owner of Serious Issues: If a mechanic is aware of a serious issue that poses a risk and fails to inform the vehicle owner, and this issue leads to an accident, they might be considered at-fault.

For a mechanic to be held liable, it must be proven that their actions or inactions were directly responsible for the accident. This often involves demonstrating that the mechanic breached their duty of care and that this breach caused the accident and the resulting damages.

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